Your Vagina Speaks to You


May 09-12

Bergamo, Italy


Your Vagina Speaks to You

Whispers. Cries. Sings.
Inside you.
A voice that does not lie.
An intimate voice.
An embodied voice.
You can’t not listen to it, avoid it, or reject it.
You can be distracted. You can pretend to not hear. You can turn away.
And yet the miracle of love lives in you, vibrates in you, breathes in you.
Your Vagina remembers.
Your vagina is the repository of the truth of memory – pristine and powerful.
There is no need to be in search of yourself out there.
You can finally recognize the power that lives within you.

You can call it by its True Name:

“The Heart of My Innocence”

Free your vagina from centuries of ignorance, from the prison of shame, from the grip of judgment, from the snare of fear.
Liberate it from centuries of lies and generational pain.
Free it from the umbilical cord of shame and silence that unites grandmothers, mothers, and daughters.
As if SHE could not be spoken.
As if SHE could not be heard.
The fullness of your being will never truly come to light until you give yourself permission to release your vagina from the shadow.
You will be missing out on a divine life force that cannot be found or bought anywhere else.
Except in your body – your temple.

Feel more. Let rage, sadness and grief run through
you. So you can:
Let it go. Make space. Break through.
Explore the sacred union between masculine and
Recognize those forces in you. Stop projecting
Heal the split.
Bring Power Home
Heal how you relate to others.
Take the conditioning that has limited you and
transform it into something that empowers you.
Step out of your comfort zone.

“The healthy woman is very much like the wolf: robust, full of energy, with great vitality, capable of giving birth, ready to defend her territory, inventive, loyal, wandering. But the separation from the wilderness causes the woman’s personality to become poor, thin, pale, ghostly”.

✨Journey from being a victim to feeling fully

✨Reveal your essence and beauty

✨ Pass through very heavy emotional burdens,
including anger, sadness and grief, to find
awareness and fulfillment

💫 Leave with an intimate connection with your
sensations and yourself

✨ Finally realize that you have a fuc*** amazing
body to listen to, honor, and love

✨Come back into the peace of the present moment
after a life absorbed by a chaotic mind that is either
completely projected in the future or stuck in the

💫 Regain the emotional intelligence to walk into a more complete life


This is a shamanic journey of death and rebirth in the sacred circle of the sisterhood. A journey into your body, into your psyche, and into your heart. Deep psychosomatic work on the basis of Gestalt therapy, bioenergetics, shamanic tantra and trauma work. This seminar has been a portal for many women around the world. It has radically changed their relationships with themselves and their sexuality – and their lives, in general.

We will be together in the creation of a field of trust, safety and connection. You will be welcomed and honored with all that you bring for transformation and healing.
You are the change you want to see in the world!

Return Home

We can change our skin. We have the resilience of snakes.
We can open our wings, our eyes, our minds. For we are the intelligence of eagles.
We can spit fire and truth, shame and oppression. For we are the freedom of dragons.
We can bite life, pull out teeth, claws, tails. For we are the wisdom of wild beasts.
We can howl all the pain and sing all the joy. Because we are the power of the wolves.

The way of the naked heart we can remember.
We can remember the Way of the Essence.
We can learn from Life, Life.
We can embrace it, for we are the love.


Here I am.
I am naked.
I am naked in my fragility.
I am naked in my immensity.
I am naked in my fear.
I am naked in my authenticity.
Naked in front of my wounds.
Naked in front of my masks.
Naked in front of my shame.
Naked in front of my discomfort.
Naked in front of my history.
Naked in front of the truth.
Naked in front of life.
Naked in front of my anger, in front of my sadness, in front of my pain, in front of my tiredness.
Nude with my lust, my longing, my happiness.
Nude with my power, my roaring, my screaming.
I exist.
Naked as the rivers, as the mountains, as the stars, as the fire.
Naked like silence and chaos.
Naked as the Being.
I am here as naked as my own soul.



To remember together that…
My body is sacred.
My sexuality is sacred.
My pleasure is sacred to me.
My throat, heart and vagina are in union.
My nature is Orgasmic.
I am a force of nature.
I am one with the cyclical nature of life.
I am Creation and Love.
I open myself to ecstasy: I open myself to life.

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