I carry in my heart the vision of a humanity awaken and liberated from suffering. I stand and trust the inner infinite source of self-healing in each of us and in the core of our planet. I hold space for the unfolding of your own truth and the manifestation of your unique power and soul purpose. We create together a safe, secret space where we can rise - despite all false sense of separation - to honor the gift of being alive.

The work is about recognizing and reclaiming what has been lost for you in order to live a fulfilling life.

The work is about taking full responsibility of your experience. When you choose, through deep awareness, to step out of the illusion, conditioning, and heritage of your story, your journey toward inner freedom begins.

Your life will be a higher manifestation of your creative force, from a place of wholeness where matter and spirit, masculine and feminine, body and mind, darkness and light are integrated.

"We must remember the sacredness of the body!"

To the art of being

To the ancient wisdom

To sacred truth and enchanted mystery

To humanity To the gift of this planet

To the water, the soil and the air

To the sun and the fire

To our ancestors and our future generation

To fear and death

I bow to the healing force of each life on earth

I bow to you

“I stand for human connections, for the vulnerable heart, for the Truth of love, for the essence of life, for this planet and his gift, for the natural way death and life dance together, for the elders and the ancestors, for the young and the poor, for the freedom to be alive, for the eros that moves life, for the mistery that moves me, for the stars that knows best, for the sun and the moon that witness it all, for the ones that are keeping the fire of consciousness burning, for the ones that stay still in the center of love, for the ones that won’t fear, for the ones that choose life no matter what, for the liberation of illusion and ignorance, for the deep gratitude in my body, for the embodied life force in my cell.

I stand for integrity.

I stand for authenticity.

I stand for the awakening of the sacred in every single breath of this life.”


How long more to realize that our house is burning. Our temple is burning. Our generation is sick. Beauty is dying. 
That we went too far
That humanity, colonization has fucked up
That there is no more time
To push it farther. Wanting more. Oppressing more. Killing more. Hiding more. Pretending more. 
That we must go back
We must awaken
We must remember
Where we come from
Back to ashes 
We must remember 
Our heart, vulnerable and cracked open
We must remember 
Our furious rage
We must remember
The sacredness of this body
The core of the planet is screaming for consciousness
For healing 
For radical transformation 
We must remember 
Our soul landing home
We must remember 
That individual work is a social responsibility 
That sovereignty is a social responsibility
That we are together in this
We must remember
To Be love for our kids 
To BE compassion for our kids
To teach them to cut off bullshit, illusion and ignorance. 

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