Why Retreat?

To Transform

Life moves. Change is constant – the nature of life is a impermanent current of death and rebirth. We are in a flow of evolution. Life expression is not a flat, straight line.

When we go against this inner, wise truth of Life, we hurt. When we are looking for security and stability outside, we hurt. Life will never be a safe place, unless we access the safe place within – unshaken and free from illusion. Life is asking you to be brave and fully dive into the unknown – into the beauty of mystery. Into the current of power, the current of love, the current of life force creation.

You are not here to repeat. You are called to evolve. You are here to create and shape your own reality.

Transformation is the heart of your inner fire. Fire to burn old burden, old story, old drama coming from your family lineage, your ancestry, and our collective pain. Transformation is about awareness, clarity, and sovereignty to choose freedom.

“Join a retreat to dive into your transformation!”


The Art of Remembering

There is no place where you can retreat from yourself, but there is an inner space where you can hold fully your whole being. Retreat is a gift of time, space, and depth. It’s a sacred container for the journey inward. It will help you to peel off the layer of separation and resistance, and attachments and conditioning to rise naked and pure into your essence, innocence and grace. This retreat will resonate where you are. Nourishing you in any way possible.

Retreat to create a new reference point for your journey. Leave behind what has clouded your vision. Leave behind the ornaments that made your life only appear to look good. To nourish the true purity of your heart, the light of your soul, and the vitality of your body, you must step into the depth of your inner truth. Your inner truth will break the rules, false ideas, and fears that hold you back.

“Amazing location. The most amazing teacher Federica Clemente. Federica gave so much. She really is a very special teacher. Loved every minute of this retreat. I can’t recommend it highly enough. This is the second one we have done – me, my sister & my mum. It’s the perfect holiday.”

Emma Massingham

Leading retreat journeys is truly my passion!

I love the co-creation process, with its intimacy, connection, respect and magic. I love to witness the essence of each individual’s journey together in truth, sovereignty and synergy. It’s a time when you can come together in a supportive group and use it as a catalyst to go deep quickly and find the means to fully express yourself.

To ensure a healing and sacred space and experience, myself and everyone in the retreat will make the following commitments:

  • Truth and honesty
  • Respect individuality
  • Respect differences
  • Set healthy boundaries
  • Non-judgment
  • Clear communication
  • Hold space for each other’s journey
  • Self-Responsibility
  • Take action
  • Ask for consent
  • Ask for help when you need it

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