"I have probably been on fifteen yoga retreats, something like that, but I feel really blessed to have been on this retreat as she is more than a yoga teacher, she's also an inspiration, a life coach and an incredibly sensitive soul who managed to deliver the most extraordinary yoga classes- not only physically but in terms of our wider practice too- spiritually, holistically. She is an exceptional teacher- but perhaps even more importantly an exceptional life guide and human being.

Her energy and compassion for us, her ability to lead us all together when we were all at such different levels, and perhaps more than anything, her capacity to deal with all the emotions which swell up when we’re doing this sort of work are quite extraordinary. There were several people in the group who were going through difficult moments in their lives and I've rarely seen a teacher handle such tricky things so carefully and supportively.

I know I have high standards when it comes to yoga teaching and I have more than once been disappointed when a retreat either drops the level to only suit the most inexperienced in the group, or where a teacher just does what they want without really paying attention to the (often large) group's needs. (Not on your retreats I hasten to add!) But Federica was the opposite of that. She somehow managed to adapt within any class to make it appropriately challenging for everyone, regardless of experience, and gave so much of her soul, time and energy, even teaching those of us who wanted on her day off, and giving classes after dinner in thee evening on yoga philosophy."

The UK
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