What Guests are Saying

"Federica is amazing woman, alive, present, beautiful, passionate, kind and strict, wise and with touch of humour."

– Anastassia

“Her retreat in Puglia was a significant turning point in my emotional life, which allowed me to start embracing a more open version of myself."

– Alessandra

“The most amazing teacher Frederica Clemente. Frederica gave so much, She really is a very special teacher.”

– Emma

Federica has a magic combination of intuition, passion for her work, deep love for people and lots of wisdom and competence.


"We explored what really matters for us, the bond of sisterhood deepened, the yoga became more mindful and the dance more intense."


“Talk about being taken to another level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually…”

~Nevin, Switzerland

Complete testimonial

“Talk about being taken to another level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Federica is an amazing, multi-talented woman”

She is natural, earthy, energetic, funny, intelligent and strong, through and through. She was able to bring raw emotions out in the most pure and honest way in the Women’s Circle by listening and using the multiple tools that she possesses. 

Federica’s work speaks for itself! During Yoga lessons, Frederica was very alert and aware of every move anyone made and was quick in correcting postures. My spine has never felt so erect in half the century that I’ve lived! One of my purposes of this retreat was to advance a bit in yoga, but not only was that achieved but I came out emotionally healed! Not to mention the wonderful women I met there!

Thank you Federica for making this possible. Namaste.”

~Nevin, Switzerland 

“I returned home after this retreat truly a different person with a lighter view on life…”

~Sharon, USA

Complete Testimonial:

“I was searching for something new and healing to do over Christmas and found Federica’s Women’s retreat in Ostuni through Retreat Guru. Through some magic of the universe I found myself in exactly the place that I needed to be with exactly the right teacher to move me towards transformation in some of the most important areas of my life.

With a group of incredible women who became deep friends through this eight day experience we certainly enjoyed Federica’s incredible talent at teaching yoga – but most transformational were the one-on-one sessions that she offered in emotional release using Gestalt therapy techniques. She is a truly gifted Gestalt therapist and I got more out of three one-on-one sessions with her than in years of traditional psychology. She was able to intuit and meet me exactly where I was in the moment and help me to dig down to the deepest roots of my emotions around issues that have been keeping me stuck for 50 years.

I found myself completely uninhibited and free to release emotions that I have held onto for my whole life, not only through her sessions but through creative dance, music and art.

The structure of the day allowed for plenty of connection and conversation as well as lots of walking in the beautiful surroundings and even a visit to the most gorgeous private beach.

The food was beyond compare and the bedrooms are beautifully decorated and comfortable.

Evenings out by the fire sharing stories and burning our demons written on crumple pieces of paper, as well as her amazing massages were other highlights of the retreat.

I’m definitely going to return to meet with Federica again – and she is available to help clients on their journey through Zoom sessions as well which is a remarkable service.

I returned home after this retreat truly a different person with a lighter view on life.”

~Sharon, USA

“Federica Clemente is a life changer, a healer and just an amazing force every woman…”

~Nancy Simpson, USA

Complete Testimonial:

“Federica Clemente is a life changer, a healer and just an amazing force every woman needs to be touched by.
When I met her 1 year ago, I was in a very bad place in my life. I decided to try her Christmas retreat 2018 and from the moment i met her everything changed. Only one week of her teachings, yoga, dancing and therapy my world changed. I gained more in that week than i did in years of conventional therapy. I went back this year for a second retreat to journey more.
I highly recommend the women’s retreats and online therapy, they are life changing. And i am forever grateful to Federica for walking through my pain with me, the lessons she has taught and the joy she has brought back to my life.

~Nancy Simpson

“Federica’s work gave so many new opportunities and mechanisms to approach the world…”

~Rachael, UK

Complete testimonial

It’s hard to explain the profound impact this retreat has. I’m often guilty of cynicism and had never done anything similar but needed something different for New Year. I now can’t imagine my life if I hadn’t.

The yoga was great but the journey was so much bigger – Federica’s work gave so many new opportunities and mechanisms to approach the world (and let it approach us!). A lot that I had heard, read and also spoken about in therapy over the years started to make sense in a practical and tangible way.

Additionally being around so many incredible women who were sitting in truth was so powerful and the bonds created were unbelievable considering it was just a week. Federica – you are seriously special – thank you for everything.

~Rachael, UK



“Perfect way to spend the new year! Federica’s yoga Reteat was a journey into my inner world. The perfect balance of body, soul, spirit work as we prepared to leave 2018 and welcome 2019. Excellent food and a lot of unexpected awakenings. Great to spend time in the company of amazing women.”


Experience @New Year Retreat

“Federica brought out so much life, compassion, stillness, movement, awareness, a sense of community and confidence not only in myself but in all the people who attended her workshops here in the little town of Dunsborough. A breath of fresh air!! I would love our paths to cross again… in learning, sharing, being, friendship and wisdom.”

~Elizabeth, Australia

Experience @Body Soul Movement workshop

“Federica’s retreats are special and like nothing I have experienced before. She is a healer, a teacher, a mother and a friend. I feel blessed that I was guided to meet this beautiful woman. I can honestly say my life has changed for the better. She has a natural ability to tap into the deepest emotions in a kind and safe way.”


Experience @Ibiza Retreat

“Thank you so much Federica! Your workshop was so amazing for me, I feel like I have a whole new outlook on my work. This week all my clients have commented on my work being “different from normal.” So thank you!

You taught me to trust myself, trust that I have the power to heal & stop worrying that I don’t.”


Experience @Body Soul Movement workshop

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