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Women's Journey Retreat, Italy 


By Sharon, USA

"I found myself completely uninhibited and free to release emotions that I have held onto for my whole life, not only through her sessions but through creative dance, music and art"

"Evenings out by the fire sharing stories and burning our demons written on crumple pieces of paper, as well as her amazing massages were other highlights of the retreat." Read all...



By Nevin, Switzerland

"Talk about being taken to another level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Federica is an amazing, multi-talented woman" Read all...



By Diana, Romania

"The work is directed towards balancing body, mind and soul. Federica's dedication, love, intuition and passion for her calling is unbounded."

"I would definitely go again!" Read all...



By Grietje, The Netherlands 

"Frederica is a great, energetic and pure woman who gives the group the right respectful of energy. She looked through my boundaries and touched my soul. I have never met someone who can do this. I am so grateful! I would recommend every woman to this retreat." Read all...



By Alessandra, Italy

"Federica is a mystic and a medicine woman who masters many healing modalities. She deeply values Mother Nature and the realm of intuition. She is committed to authenticity and integrity. It is outstanding how much of her soul she pours into the work she offers others.

Her retreat in Puglia was a significant turning point in my emotional life, which allowed me to start embracing a more open version of myself."

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By Alessandra Madio, The United Kingdom 

"This was my first time doing a yoga retreat and it exceeded my expectations. Everything from the location, through the food to the beautiful human being that Federica is made it one of the best experiences I had in 2018." Read all...



By Caroline, Dublin

"Federica has that wonderful balance of the joy of movement and laughter, the sacredness of silence and stillness, and courage to support and challenge us as we shared our experiences.

Thank you for a wonderful journey - highly, highly recommend!" Read all...



By Anastasiia, Russia

"I felt seen, accepted, welcomed and surrounded by supporting and not-judging sisters. I felt that I'm safe to experiment and try to make new choices. We learnt a lot every day and I'm going home with new tools, new sisters, inspiration, gratitude and love in my heart.

It's such a happiness that we finally can release the fog in our minds and finally be comfortable with being humans with each other.Continue reading...


Kefalonia Retreat


By Sarah, Great Britain

"After class today, I was swimming naked in the ocean and I felt - really felt for the first time - I'm alive. Wow, I'm alive!"

"Frederica is an exceptional yoga teacher. She is lively and full of lovely energy and we all did a lot of laughing as well as lots of diverse yoga - everything from iyengar to ashtanga, flow to yin and yoga nidra plus some mantra and daily sitting." Read all...



By Emma, Great Britain

"Amazing location, The most amazing teacher Frederica Clemente. Frederica gave so much, She really is a very special teacher. Loved every minute of this retreat. I can't recommend it highly enough. This is the second one we have done, Me, my sister & my mum. Its the perfect holiday." 



By Jess, the UK

"I have probably been on fifteen yoga retreats, something like that, but I feel really blessed to have been on this retreat as she is more than a yoga teacher, she's also an inspiration, a life coach and an incredibly sensitive soul who managed to deliver the most extraordinary yoga classes- not only physically but in terms of our wider practice too- spiritually, holistically. She is an exceptional teacher- but perhaps even more importantly an exceptional life guide and human being." Continue reading...




Mexico Retreat


Santrise, USA

"I am still in disbelief regarding how perfect my experience was at Body Soul Movement. I've attended numerous retreats Worldwide and this stay tops my time in Bali, Shanghai, BC, and every other place. The superior level of service, professionalism, and expertise, at this retreat, makes it my new favorite place in the world!

I WILL attend the next retreat in April and will definitely bring people with me! Lastly, I have to mention the property is amazing and is undersold in the retreat description as the ocean is literally footsteps from the accommodations and can be seen from rooms view. The property and its accommodations are priceless. Guests feel a sense of safety, security, and luxury that cannot be beaten with a bat!

Everything one would need at a Yoga Retreat is within very small footsteps, not to mention access to bikes, snorkeling and kiting gear! It is an awesome destination for a vacation, retreat, or simple time to just enjoy nature and its many views!

Body Soul Movement is a perfect 10 that I urge anyone serious about starting and/or furthering their practice to experience!
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