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Wild Wisdom

Women Rising Together

to the true power of the deep feminine

Your body-heart temple is the secret portal to your wild wisdom, your creative force, your freedom to love.

Journey into the mystery of your womb to meet the matrix of your complexity, your deepest vision, your sacred heart and your soul purpose.


Your true essence cannot be ignored any longer


Liberate your sexuality from decades of abuse, oppression & ignorance.

Meet your wild innocence.


Liberate your heart from the trap of the "good girl people pleaser" or the "independent strong badass." With an Open Heart, discover the power of the true feminine.

Meet your wild heart.



"Talk about being taken to another level; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually! Federica is an amazing, multi-talented woman - natural, earthy, energetic, funny, intelligent and strong through and through. She was able to bring raw emotions out in the most pure and honest way in the Women's Circle by listening and using the multiple tools that she possesses."

~Nevin, the UK




Feel more. Let rage, sadness and grief run through you. So you can:

Let it go.

Make space.

Break through.


Explore the sacred union between masculine and feminine.

Recognize those forces in you. Stop projecting blame.

Heal the split.


Bring Power Home


Heal how you relate to others.
Take the conditioning that has limited you and transform it into something that empowers you.
Step out of your comfort zone.



"I would recommend every woman to this retreat. It will give you a moment of peace and you will become more in touch with your soul!"

~Grietje, The Netherlands




Celebrate your innocent, innate erotic vitality




The empowering women's yoga journey is a healing retreat dedicated to women only. It will help you to claim back your power and your beauty, to embrace the mystery of the feminine, and to trust and surrender in authenticity and innate wisdom. 


I have been hosting retreats since 2004. While every retreat is a magical dive into the unknown, each one is always an amazing and nourishing experience. Together, we witness so much transformation. It's marvelous to me. I have seen women:

✨ Journey from being a victim to feeling fully empowered
✨ Reveal their essence and beauty 
✨ Pass through very heavy emotional burdens, anger, sadness, and grief to find awareness and fulfillment

💫 Arrive disconnected from their own bodies and leave with an intimate connection with their sensations and themselves
💫 Finally realize that they have a fuc*** amazing body to listen to, honor, and love
💫 Come back into the peace of the present moment after a life absorbed by a chaotic mind that is either completely projected in the future or stuck in the past

💫 Regain the emotional intelligence to walk into a more complete life  

6-day Empowering Women's Yoga Journey - New Year...

Mercoledì, 29 Dic 2021 - Martedì, 4 Gen 2022
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