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Reframe - Reconnect - Renew

Unleash the full potential of your being and create the life you want

We are in This Together

I strongly believe that if you do not work through what has been carried over from your past, it will live in your subconscious, and your future goals will be more challenging to achieve. To embrace our future, we need to become one with and accept our past.

As a coaching client you will receive:

Weekly Hour-Long Sessions  

Private Online Platform for Communication and Home Work– You’ll be able to easily access me throughout the week. I will give you follow up work to do at home, which can include various things like a physical practice, meditation, journaling, creative exercises, diet, etc.

Accountability – This ensures success. Reading books and taking courses isn’t enough for most people. You need someone who will hold you accountable, encourage you to do the work, and support you along the way.

What's Included

2-month private one to one coaching program tailored to your needs and objectives


Initial Intensive session for me to get to know you, your life story, your actual condition and your goal for the future.


4x weekly 60-minute sessions


Progress review


Tools and exercises to aid your personal development


Recommended reading to develop and condition mindset


Unlimited support for the duration of the program


Free annual life-health check

Outcomes you can expect

Reconnect with your life purpose, with your dreams, desires, passions and values

A powerful inner connection, clarity, new inner ground to direct your life

Overcome fears, barriers and limiting beliefs and conditioning that have been holding you back from achieving your potential and true happiness

Greater self-awareness, self-confidence and self-belief in your ability and in your essence

Productivity and progress towards your goals with tangible results

Improved relationship with family, lovers, friends

A 'Life Plan' for the coming year along with sustainable practices for you to apply moving forwards to keep you on track.

My areas of expertise

Inner Child work

Inner child strategy to be loved


Relationship with parents

Love Relationship

Intimacy and Love


Body-Soul connection


Body awareness

Personal Self-development

Soul Purpose

Fulfillment and Creativity 




Is this program right for you?


You are in ready to make a shift in your life
You’re ready to make some positive and potentially life altering changes
You’re over feeling tired, uninspired and a far cry from the best version of you
You’re claiming life balance and to live more in line with your values and priorities
You know you deserve and are capable of better
You're aware that limiting beliefs, lack of confidence, self-belief, old drama and story are currently holding you back
You know you are ready to make peace between your body, emotions and mind
You want greater clarity and life direction

You’re no longer willing to let life or excuses get in the way of your goals and aspirations

You’re prepared to try different things to move your life forwards

You’re ready to take responsibility for your life

You know it’s time to implement an action plan and make your dream life become a reality

LIFE COACHING is exactly what you need!


Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website