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Unleash the full potential of your being and create the life you want




A soul landing into matter: our precious human experience can only truly be tasted returning to our natural home - the body. You incarnate the essence of living the present moment by vibrating, breathing, feeling, and allowing life force to move through your body.
Embodiment is a treasure trove for our innate self-healing, a gateway to communicate, express, manifest and penetrate life.
Embodiment is the current of consciousness flowing in every single part of your physical form, in each cell all the way down to your bones.
Embodiment is the foundation for the most important connection with mother earth and with the source of creation. A connection to shine light into our habitual and often unconscious neurological body-mind map to learn new self regulation and self balance. 


I focus on the following areas:

Somatic Body Work

Inner Journey supported by authentic movement exploration, somatic gestalt, bioenergetic technique, body-mind connection, and somatic breath work.
🌠Breath🌠 Movement🌠 Sound
Exploration and awareness of the energy body
⚡The physical body
⚡The erotic body
⚡The light body
⚡The mythological body
⚡The dark body
Dive into deep relaxation to soften the nervous system, to unwind the inner survival strategy to surrender and trust, to receive the nectar of beauty in each moment, to be loved.

Emotional Release

Inner journey into the pain body as a holy container of our emotions, feelings, past experience, memories and trauma.
To access your pure essence there is an unloading process of stuck energy that must happen.
Stagnation is the worst enemy for your life. Moving emotions, owning them, being aware of them and learning to release the charge is a crucial step for your freedom.
Master your emotional intelligence to feel whole and deeply connected to the Self.
Here we journey into:
🌟7 emotional release tools.
🌟Shadow work which means bringing into the light what has been suppressed, avoided, and hidden emotionally. Heal open wounds.
🌟Speaking truth and opening up which means clearing past relationship dynamics.
🌟Learning to set healthy boundaries.
🌟Bring awareness to your inner child strategy to be loved, and clear the old patterns with your family.
🌟Be aware of the ego trap and ego mechanisms to survive.
🌟Be comfortable to experience life, feeling more than thinking.

Sacred Sexuality
The Art of Shamanic Tantra

Spirituality and sexuality as two expressions of the life force in you. To lead and embrace your spiritual life you must embrace and respect your sexuality as much as any other part of your nature. 

There is an incarnated truth that can fully emerge after you recognize and begin to heal the distorted conditioning of sexuality that may come from your family/society/religion etc.

There is an immense amount of energy available for your life when you unlock your erotic nature and manifest freely his/ her medicine.

Eros is a creative force. 

Sexuality is a taboo topic in our society because it is one of those primal forces that we consciously or unconsciously feel powerless to control. 

Deep down, we sense that it is connected to that unknown universal source of energy from which we came from and continue to exist within.

My vision is a world where humans have a peaceful, delightful, shameless, fearless and loving relationship with their own bodies, sexuality, emotions, hearts, minds and spirit. 

We can`t keep them separated. 

Separation will continue to create disharmony and unconscious behavior, suffering and shadow, violence and manipulation.

The feeling of shame is one of the biggest obstacles most of us face in learning to embrace our sexuality. Where did you learn shame and guilt? Often it's an old emotion installed in our system from a very young age. Often it's the shame of our parents, or even previous generations. Maybe it's an emotion that we carry from our lineage. Often I say YOU ARE NOT YOUR STORY.  Stop carrying what doesn’t belong to your Soul. This is the beginning of a Sacred, Conscious Sexual Life!


Spiritual Awakening

A lot of what is considered spirituality has passed through a tremendous distortion. Bypassing the human condition has been one way to get into spirituality. We have been searching for Gods in church, in doctrine, in fixed idealism, and in political religion.
Spiritual Awakening is a journey into shamanic death, cracking open the shell of false identity and personal safety. It's a realization - an initiation process to surrender to the truth of who we are.


Here we journey into:
🌟Shamanic journey into death, and underworld archetypes.
🌟Soul manifestation and soul purpose
🌟Journey into the void
🌟Mindfulness and vipassana meditation
🌟Bhakti yoga: chanting and devotion
🌟Rituals and ancient ceremony in nature


I'm certified to use the following therapies in my work:

Gestalt counselingt

Somatic Gestalt Counseling

Gestalt counseling is an existential and experiential approach, focused on personal responsibility and an individual’s process, to promote authentic change.

The focus is on what is happening in the here-and-now, and to become aware of any old patterns, conditioning, or traumas from the past that are currently playing out.

This approach is based on the relationship between counselor and client in the present moment. The trust and the intimacy created is the ground for an authentic self transformation.

Gestalt counseling is very effective. It provides creative, profound tools to become gently aware of your current thoughts, emotions, and behaviours without judgment. This awareness is the pathway to change - it leads to acceptance and openness to try something new.

My approach is deeply somatic, starting from what is present and felt in the body. You won't talk about your feelings, instead you pass through what you feel to shift from a mind set of understanding to an integrated embodied awareness.

It's fully Empowering to access your inner ability to heal.

Anything that is brought into the light consciously has the potential to be transformed.

In gestalt, we are looking at the inner human capacity to be creative and resilient toward life. 

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

The Biodynamic approach has evolved into a remarkable body therapy that has created a highly skilled way of listening to the body’s inherent health expressions. The therapist typically looks for and encourages the forces of health to set the priorities of the session and to bring about natural adjustments from within the body’s own resources. It is characterized by a strong orientation to the holism of the human experience where both the body’s anatomy and physiology are related to in real time with the subtle forces of life that act through the interface of the body’s fluids. Subtle movements in the body’s fluid and tissue fields are being listened for and the natural movement towards stillness is seen as deeply healing.

holistic massage

Holistic Massage

Massage with hands that carry the energy of a shamanic ritual. Arms spread beneath the Sun, receiving wisdom from the sky, Feet grounded in the Earth.

Holistic massage is a person centered treatment guided by principles of sensitivity, awareness and quality of touch. It involves deep, rhythmical stroking and kneading of the body's soft tissues, that relax and balance the body and mind. Holistic massage rejuvenates and speeds up the body’s natural healing mechanisms, it has a profoundly calming effect on the neuromuscular system bringing about deep relaxation, restoring energy and settling emotions.

Massage is a therapeutic tool in its own right for aiding our ability to deal with stress. Excessive stress is a major contributor to disease and general ill health. It can cause energy to be blocked and muscles to tense up (in the ‘fight or flight' reaction) and it can bring about mental and emotional anxieties, as well as a feeling of being unable to cope. As the rhythmical, soothing nature of the massage strokes releases muscular tension, the effects of stress are eased away, helping your mind to become still, leaving you calm and refreshed. Holistic in nature, it aims to treat the whole person, not just the symptoms of disease, anxiety or excessive stress, and is adapted to meet each person's unique requirements. Also, receiving this profound treatment is a deep self-observation or journey of self-knowledge, and can also be seen as a form of meditation and a powerful way of letting go of worries, fear and pain.

After the treatment you will immediately notice some of the effects of the massage. Many people report improved joint mobility and feeling taller, as well as the common sense of well-being.

Benefits include: Relief of tension, stiff joints and relaxation of tight, sore muscles; Encourages better circulation; Awareness of body and breathing to improve posture; Promotes relaxation, thus reducing the effects of stress and anxiety; Induces deep sleep; Aids digestion; Increases energy by invigorating all the body systems, and therefore reduces fatigue; Promotes mental and spiritual clarity. 

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website