It's happening💃💃💃
I kill my own Fear to stand for what is true right now.
Speak up.
This is my offering right now:
5 online interactive webinars starting at 6pm CTE
19 & 24 April 
1, 8 & 15 May
I wish to see you there.
The first one is free to come and taste it.❤️
THESE WEBINARS ARE NOT GOING TO BE A COLD LESSON THAT YOU RECEIVE FROM me as "a teacher" - they are a Co-created journey where the most important Is your personal journey as part of a global healing process.
Honor this "moment" as a creative source. 
I know I'm not a doctor, a biologist, a scientist.
All I learned since a child is how to live as a human being, from my heart.
I learned to not care for what society was asking from me.
I learned to listen to my own soul purpose.
I learned that freedom was about training my own mind
I learned that love was about putting my shit together and to love the dark as the light of my being.
I learned that living was more important that achieving.
I learned that safety is an illusion and that mystery is the only code.
I learned that I'm alone, but always connected with the whole in a Sacred matrix.
I learned that pain has a place within me and suffering is optional.
I learned that I'm not my mother drama, my family conditioning and my false sense of who I am.
I learned that I love to love, and what I'm here for is deep intimacy with humanity and with life.
I learned that existence is fascinating and its my playground. 
With a tremendous thirst of life🔥💦🖤
💥Thank you to everyone that is truly supporting me right now 💥💥💥
Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website