I was searching for something new and healing to do over Christmas and found Federica's Women's retreat in Ostuni through Retreat Guru. Through some magic of the universe I found myself in exactly the place that I needed to be with exactly the right teacher to move me towards transformation in some of the most important areas of my life.

With a group of incredible women who became deep friends through this eight day experience we certainly enjoyed Federica's incredible talent at teaching yoga - but most transformational were the one-on-one sessions that she offered in emotional release using Gestalt therapy techniques. She is a truly gifted Gestalt therapist and I got more out of three one-on-one sessions with her than in years of traditional psychology. She was able to intuit and meet me exactly where I was in the moment and help me to dig down to the deepest roots of my emotions around issues that have been keeping me stuck for 50 years.

I found myself completely uninhibited and free to release emotions that I have held onto for my whole life, not only through her sessions but through creative dance, music and art.

The structure of the day allowed for plenty of connection and conversation as well as lots of walking in the beautiful surroundings and even a visit to the most gorgeous private beach.

The food was beyond compare and the bedrooms are beautifully decorated and comfortable.

Evenings out by the fire sharing stories and burning our demons written on crumple pieces of paper, as well as her amazing massages were other highlights of the retreat.

I'm definitely going to return to meet with Federica again - and she is available to help clients on their journey through Zoom sessions as well which is a remarkable service.

I returned home after this retreat truly a different person with a lighter view on life.

~Sharon, USA

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website