Federica is a mystic and a medicine woman who masters many healing modalities. She deeply values Mother Nature and the realm of intuition. She is committed to authenticity and integrity. It is outstanding how much of her soul she pours into the work she offers others.

Her retreat in Puglia was a significant turning point in my emotional life, which allowed me to start embracing a more open version of myself. I felt very inspired by Federica’s aliveness and her ability to stay grounded.

After the retreat, I decided to have an online counseling session with her. This session was as valuable as the one I had in person, during the retreat. She fully sees you, in your light and your shadow. She manages to meet you wherever you are on your journey. She helps you to be back in touch with your Higher Self.

Her humbleness, her capability of holding a safe space and her sharp awareness of your energy and emotions make her a well-rounded counselor. The bodywork she integrates in her counseling practice is a gateway to empowerment and growth.

She operates in the name of something bigger than herself."

Alessandra, Italy

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website