This was my first time doing a yoga retreat and it exceeded my expectations. Everything from the location, through the food to the beautiful human being that Federica is made it one of the best experiences I had in 2018. Federica is so special and makes you feel so welcome and comfortable, and at the same time she triggers everything within you so you make the most of the experience. I can say that in 1 week I've learnt a lot more than I have ever learnt from reading books or doing yoga. I highly recommend this retreat to all women, especially a women's one because I feel with the feminine intimacy and connection is where the magic happens. A real sisterhood was born from this retreat. The food was vegetarian and really delicious and varied. Natasha and Alessandro were so nice and adapted to our needs. Bedrooms were lovely with a rustic but comfortable and cosy feel. I loved everything about this experience.

The only downside of all was the fact that this winter was really cold in the south of Italy, and toilets are outside the bedrooms, so having to wee at night was kind of a nightmare because you had to take a coat (in the dark) and walk to the external area that was really cold in contrast to the warmth bedrooms. I'm sure any other time of the year this won't be a problem.

Alessandra Madio from United Kingdom

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website