"I select this particular retreat because it was more than yoga, it was dedicated for women and there were very positive feedback about the teacher - Federica. I was still scared if it's right choice or not, but when I arrived and retreat started my doubts disappeared and I was just really grateful to myself for this choice.

I felt seen, accepted, welcomed and surrounded by supporting and not-judging sisters. I felt that I'm safe to experiment and try to make new choices.

We learnt a lot every day and I'm going home with new tools, new sisters, inspiration, gratitude and love in my heart. It's such a happiness that we finally can release the fog in our minds and finally be comfortable with being humans with each other.

Federica is amazing woman, alive, present, beautiful, passionate, kind and strict, wise and with touch of humour.

I bow you with my heart.

May you be safe, healthy and peaceful,"

Anastasiia Orekhova, Russia

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website