6-day Christmas - The Hear of Relating Transformative Retreat

Wednesday, 22 Dec 2021 - Monday, 27 Dec 2021

Luna nel Pozzo, Ostuni, Puglia, Italy

from 650€

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Conscious Intimacy
The Heart of Relating for a conscious healing. 
TransFORMative retreat open to single and couple in South Italy. 
Heart Awakening.
The tantra path to unveil the Truth of Who you are.
The Conscious living path to share healty love and manifest relationships that brings evolution, joy, deep peace. 
Shamanic Tantra, Somatic Gestalt, Bioenergetic Body-Work, Yoga & Mindfulness.
You are alive! 
You are a life force manifestation ! 
Claim back the power to be love and share your majesty in the world. 
The Journey of this 6-day retreat:
Inner work : to release, to shake, to heal your emotional body. Come back home to your natural state of ease. 
Shadow work: to see, to honor, to become aware of your hidden shadow. Bring home your projected fear and see reality for what it is.
Archetype work: inner child / inner masculine / inner feminine. Embody fully the beautiful potent quality of those three inner archetype. Allow your being to vibrate in wholeness. 
The heart of relating: love/ sex/ intimicy.
Get clear and confident to express your desires for pleasure, your boundaries, your longing for love.
Breakthrough with shame, distortion, fear, illusion relating with sexuality
Awakening the HEART: Opening the portal for your Soul Initiation.
There is only a wild heart pulsating down at the core of Mother Earth, immense love and light his gift. 
Embrace it. 
Stop with the drama. 
Break the chains of past-conditioning and trauma. 
Free from attachment and story. 
Reveal your Heart❤️
Join this Retreat to explore, get out of your comfort zone, open yourself to more joy and release deeply what doesn`t serve you anymore.
We will create a safe container for a profound sacred experience where you will feel seen, honored, respected.
Our aim is to create a tribu` of Awaken Human Being ready to move with clear intention in the world.
Grounded, Centered, Loved.
Thank you 
Federica and Paolo
LOCATION : LA LUNA nel POZZO, Contrada foragno, Ostuni
Join Federica and Paolo and retreat yourself in the sweet tender beauty of South Italy country side. 
Be supported by a vibrant group of amazing souls. 
Enjoy delicious, lovely prepared food. 
Be held by Wild beauty, pristine ocean, precious silence. 
Il coraggio della mia Verita’ nello spazio della relazione.
Tempo di co-creazione della nostra Vita.
Seminario di Iniziazione alla Sessualita’ Cosciente per uomini, donne e coppie.
Con Federica Clemente e Paolo Pallavidino
Le nostre formazioni di riferimento sono il somatic body-work gestalt, la Bioenergetica psico-fisica, lo shamanesimo di tradizione andina, le scuole di tantra (Ista & The New Tantra).
Solo attraverso un profondo lavoro di decondizionamento della nostra sessualita’ potremo divinire libero canale di gioia, entusiasmo e autenticita’.
Una rivoluzione socio-politica collettiva si fonda anche sul risveglio consapevole individuale del proprio potere sessuale,creativo,vitale.
In questo preciso momento storico riconnettersi a questa saggezza antica corpo e anima e’ tanto un diritto quanto un dovere.
Una connessione profonda con il mio cuore passa dal saper mettere le mani nel fango della mia vita.
Incontro la mia piena Liberta’ di manifestazione quando mi permetto di stare e riconoscere le parti di me che ho negato,temuto,rifiutato.
La loro forza che e’ stata un limite alla mia Realizzazione ora e’ un mio potente alleato, motore creativo e consapevole.
Potro’ riconscere l`Altro per cio’ che e’ solo quando avro’ pienamente onorato la mia storia, trasformato il mio dolore, amato la mia complessita’.


Per amare in modo adulto, consapevole e totale, e` necessario trasformare i vecchi meccanismi di difesa e paura che ostacolano il nostro fluire e il riconoscimento della nostra vera natura.
In questi 7 giorni di ritiro ci dedicheremo all’ascolto e alla cura del nostro corpo animale ed emotivo sciogliendo le tensioni e le resistenze perche’ la nostra forza vitale liberata possa manifestare la vita e l’amore che piu’ desideriamo.
Faremo un lavoro sulle ombre per riconoscere e riportare a casa le proiezioni che spesso ci impediscono di Vedere l`Altro.
Per poi finire con un lavoro sugli archetipi Maschile e Femminile per consacrare questa Sacra Unione dentro di noi e cosi` celebrarla con l`altro.
Prenderemo spazio per riconoscere il legame tra corpo, mente ed emozioni e con rinnovata consapevolezza fare passi verso maggiore liberta’.
Vibriamo, Balliamo, Cantiamo, Condividiamo, Meditiamo, Sentiamo, Tocchiamo, Rimaniamo in silenzio, Pratichiamo Yoga, Giochiamo, Ridiamo, Improvvisiamo, Ci apriamo, Celebriamo, Amiamo.
Vi aspettiamo 
Federica & Paolo


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Snapshot - What's Included

  • Accommodations (5 nights / 6 days) 
    At La Luna Nel Pozzo (Shared) Or Offsite B&B (Private)
  • Food - 2 Meals Daily
  • Daily Brunch & Dinner, as well as tea, fruit & light snacks available for breakfast and outside of meal times
  • Twice Daily Classes: various practices
    We will use relevant practices and tools to connect, free your emotions, open your heart and find your joy
  • Roundtrip Transfers From / To Ostuni Train Station
    Get to the Ostuni Train station and we will pick you up and take you to the retreat center
  • Discussion & theory of practicing, living and thriving - Rooted in Gestalt Connect, feel supported, learn & expand - we'll talk about what we do in class and go deeper with discussion
  • Daily Organized Gatherings, such as open-heart discussions, healing circles, rituals and ceremonies (often outside by the fire) - come together to express yourself, laugh and cry.
  • This Experience surrounded by the healing power of nature.


Not included in price - Optional extras available include onsite rental car, and private sessions with support therapies based in Gestalt, Massage, and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy




Teachers: Federica Clemente

Federica is a Somatic Gestalt Counselor,Yoga Alliance certified instructor, Medicine Woman, Dakini, who developed these retreats to help you quickly break down the barriers to see more clearly and get where you want to be. 

With a background in professional dance, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, shamanic healing and Tantra Federica brings to her classes, workshops, and retreats a wealth of background information in the mechanics of alignment, dynamic movement, energy flow and effective healing techniques.

More about Federica


Paolo Pallavidino 

"Accompanying others to find their potential and their vital energy has always been my mission. Over the years I have developed the instrument of the Tantric Emotional Healing Massage as a tool to start an evolutionary path of inner liberation. Guided by intuition and my desire to learn from experience, I have continuously created "bridges" between professionals, disciplines and various visions.

For 10 years I have followed many formations and paths of personal and spiritual growth, among which the most significant ones are The New Tantra school by Alex Vartman, the work of Primal Deconditioning with Puja Lepp, the psychomagic approach with Cristobal Jodorowsky, and Vipassana meditation. I also deepened the Cathar-Templar tradition with the works of Fausto Carotenuto and the Liberation of the Deep Potential through the paths with Diego Iracà. In 2015 I co-founded the Tantric Temple of Turin.

Currently I carry out my professional activity at my studio or at home, I conduct workshops on Conscious Sexuality with professionals in the sector and I facilitate men's circles, pampering parties and Playfight (Matteo Tangi Lineage). I am always looking for knowledge and transformation on my evolutionary path and I recently published the book “I'm going to live under the bridges” - 5 months living homeless to face my dragon."


Retreat Center: La Luna nel Pozzo

With its spaces for artistic creation and hospitality, and an environment which facilitates concentrated, harmonious work, La Luna nel Pozzo is an ideal Retreat location. 

La Luna nel Pozzo is a theater housed in a traditional stone “masseria,” or farm house, from the mid-nineteenth century; a cultural center nestled among the majestic olive trees in the Puglian countryside near Ostuni. The name expresses a hope for an oasis which can nourish new art forms, creating opportunities for fruitful creative encounters, where one can find the environment, and the time, to realize one’s desires. 

This center was born in 1999, of the meeting between two actors and an enchanted place. Robert McNeer and Pia Wachter, after 15 years of touring Europe with “Kismet” theater of Bari, recognized, in this corner of the mythical Itrian Valley, a place in which to realize their dream of cultivating theater and the performing arts in a natural environment. 


* Indoor rehearsal studio: 100 square m, heated, with parquet flooring 

* Outdoor stage: shaded wooden dance stage, 150 square m 

* Stone amphitheater: antique Greek design, with a 12 m diameter stage, excellent acoustics and seating 

* Cretan labyrinth: traditional stonework (20 m diameter), for meditation, discussion, writing, inspiration… 

* Land includes: 6 hectares of olive groves, forest, lily pond, trulli and sculptures



Food & Meals: The Puglian Kitchen

Includes daily brunch and dinner. The food is vegetarian & primarily local!
Visiting Puglia means discovering food and being enchanted by the myriad reflections of this hospitable Mediterranean landscape, rich in cultural and culinary traditions.
The Puglian kitchen is famous for its wholesome ingredients, both from the sea and from the earth, simple and flavorful. 

You will have the opportunity to sample many of the dishes of the Puglian tradition - dishes of Mediterranean delight. 

You will find the colors of the season’s fruits and vegetables, the knowledge of the pastors in the justly-renowned cheeses, olive oils from ancient trees, and artisan sourdough bread made from local, fresh stone-ground flours.


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