Women's Yoga Retreat by the sea on Crete, Greece

Saturday, 31 Jul 2021 - Saturday, 7 Aug 2021

Yoga on Crete, Hora Sfakion 730 11, Greece, Hora Sfakion, Chania, Crete, Greece, 73011

from €570

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Empowering Women

Women ... you possess an innate spiritual gift within the technology of your body and heart ...The power of birth...to bring soul into form ... The power of creation... This is not simply a biological fact... It is a subtle spiritual gift of the Feminine essence... A technology waiting to be awakened and remembered... We have refused this power out of resentment and fear... We have claimed false power as revenge... This is a choice point... She wants to pull this through... And we need to remember...


In this retreat, Eugenia and Federica will be sharing their own experiences of how yoga practice has supported them as women in leading happier and more fulfilling lives.

The week will begin with an opening celebratory ceremony and yoga class.

Thereafter, there will be two yoga classes a day, based on the Iyengar and Hatha Flow styles, a sitting or walking meditation session, shamanic rituals, a Body Soul movement session, and discussions on yoga philosophy as applied to our experiences and concerns as women.

Additionally, yoga practices that support certain periods in women's lives (menstruation, menopause) will be presented, and issues that often women in particular deal with (body image, eating disorders, self-worth and self-love, perfectionism, anxiety, being judgmental as well as being susceptible to judgment) will be raised and discussed.

Our aim is to support each woman to tap into the strength and joy that lies within the softness, tenderness, nurturing nature and intuitive capacity of womanhood, in order to develop trust in our own potential and life as a whole and to celebrate the gift of this life we have been given.


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