Assisting ISTA level 1, Italy

Sunday, 4 Jul 2021 - Saturday, 10 Jul 2021


from 1700 EUR

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Conscious Intimacy

Very honored to be an assistant of this wonderful ISTA training in Italy!

Grateful for the amazing TEAM I invite you to check this out ! 

In Level 1 (SSSEx), a team of skilled Temple Arts Faculty will share, inspire, guide and support you to bring light to the shadows where your power awaits to be reclaimed.

You will receive information, guidance and lots of experiential practice around:

  • self-love
  • boundaries and consent
  • emotional release
  • voice dialogue
  • shamanic tools
  • shadow work
  • the ability to manifest
  • accessing your inner gender opposite
  • conscious communication
  • transformational breathwork
  • ancient rituals of healing/initiation and powerful sexual clearing/activation processes



This training is for EVERYONE. It’s open to ALL who are called.

The ISTA experience has reached people in all of their diversity.

People aged 18 to 80 have participated in Level 1 trainings. They come from many different backgrounds, professions, religions, spiritual beliefs, races and nationalities.

People from various sexual/relational paths including celibacy, monogamy, and polyamory are also drawn to ISTA. As are people of all sexual orientations and gender identities.

Couples, individuals and relationship groups of any formation are welcome.

The practices offered in this training are designed to touch us deeply at the core of our lives as an embodied being.

No prior knowledge of or experience in shamanism or sacred sexuality is necessary.

ISTA is a mystery school and approaches trauma from the shamanic perspective of connecting with the body and soul.

We recommend that if there is known deep-seated trauma, individuals seek one on one sessions and get approval to participate from their therapist before entering the group process.

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website