The Heart of Sex - a transformative retreat for WOMEN

Thursday, 24 Jun 2021 - Wednesday, 30 Jun 2021

Location TBA, Ostuni, Puglia, Italy, 73010

from 795€

Empowering Women

The Heart Of Sex - A Transformative Journey into the Magic of Sacred Sexuality for Women

Remember how Sacred is to live in a woman's Body
A Transformative Retreat for woman based on Shamanic Tantra, Somatic Gestalt, Bioenergetic Body-Work, Yoga and Vipassana Meditation.
"Before patriarchal religions introduced the concept of sex as “sinful,” which they used to dominate people, ancient tribes saw Eros as a natural path to connecting with the sacred. Ancient feminine mystery knowledge placed women at the center of the tribe, where they could connect to nature and the goddess and practice fertility and sexuality rituals. To people living in harmony with the natural rhythms of the Earth’s cycles and all life around them, sex was part of the sacred practice of transformation. The separation of Eros and religion disconnected us from our primordial creative force, defiled sexuality, making it seem dirty and shameful, and banished the divine to an unreachable, off-Earth plane.
Women you are called to REMEMBER this TRUTH
Sisters claim back the Medicine Woman in you.
Sisters give birth to the Sacred Feminine.
You are the portal.
You know the Code.
You are the Live Transmission of this Love.
The world needs you.
We know when we are living in tune with our sacred sexuality because we feel centered and empowered, we feel loving and caring, we feel creative and inspired, we feel dynamic and receptive, we feel spiritual and sexy and we feel our soul and body in harmony. The world is a masculine place which through its pressures, stresses and expectations disconnects us regularly from out Magdalene centre, our soul and our sacredness.
The Womb Blessing offers us a female sanctuary, the opportunity to sit for a short while in the presence of the Sacred Feminine and to feel and know our sacredness and our authentic female nature.
Goals & Highlights:
  • Unleash the inner wisdom of your body temple, descending down to your base sex energy to surrender to the divine fire within you.


  • Learn how to activate your womb, honoring your womb as the center of your embodied power.


  • Remember the sacred inner union of Sex and Heart, liberating yourself from shame, ignorance and fear.


  • Journey through the memory of your story, which is written in your body, to let your flesh free to manifest the joy of feeling and being.


  • Journey through the body to listen to the innocent spirit of Eros - your life force creation.


  • Surrender to the wild being to share authentically your gift in the world.


  • To let your heart expand into the Love you ARE, you must stop avoiding the base.


  • A woman who is not anchored in her sex can’t open her heart fully to the abundance of Life.
Sex and Emotion - Body Intelligence - Clearing the energy field -
The Yoni as a temple - The memory - Clearing the lineage - Womb Activation -
Sacred Love Making - Pleasure and Trauma - Pleasure as healing -
The Portals of the Womb - The 7 Orgasms for women -
Sex and Heart - The energy of the flame and the rose - The ARCHETYPE and The inner marriage - 
Sex as Freedom - The Soul of Eros -
You will transform the relationship with your body and the way you relate in love.
Your relationship will be drastically improved.
Yes to the Love you are.
You will manifest the Right partner, the right job, and true happiness.
You will have it.
Fully in YOU.
Abundance is already here.
Waiting for you sister to hear the call ⭐❤️
Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website