The Heart of Sex [ONLINE]

Friday, 16 Apr 2021 - Friday, 21 May 2021

Italy, Timezone: CET (GMT+1)

195 euro

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Online Program
The Heart Of Sex/Online Edition
A Journey into the Magic of Sacred Sexuality For Women with Federica and Gabriella.
Multi-day Cloud Camp with workshops, Q&A, Heart-Mind-Body practices & tutorials, tips and feedback
This will be a TRANSFORMATIVE* Journey based on theory and practice from Shamanic Tantra, Somatic Gestalt, Bioenergetic Body-Work, Yoga and Vipassana Meditation.
Goals & Highlights:
Unleash the inner wisdom of your body temple, descending down to your base sex energy to surrender to the divine fire within you.
Remember the sacred inner union of Sex and Heart, liberating yourself from shame, ignorance and fear.
Journey through the memory of your story, which is written in your body, to let your flesh free to manifest the joy of feeling and being.
Journey through the body to listen to the innocent spirit of Eros - your life force creation.
Surrender to the wild being to share authentically your gift in the world.
 To let your heart expand into the Love you ARE, you must stop avoiding the base.
A woman who is not anchored in her sex can’t open her heart fully to the abundance of Life.
Federica and Gabriella will create a safe container where you will feel deeply meet. 
This is a sacred space welcoming you to step out of your comfort zone to realize what is waiting for you over the wall of illusion.
The sisterhood circle will support you to trust yourself to open and to receive, to offer and to share your gift, to be held and to surrender.
The power of the sacred feminine will bless our journey with her grace and her wisdom.
You will be welcome as you are.
The Truth you ARE.
"Be real with me, my love.
Drop the spiritual pretence.
I`d rather receive your anger today,
than years of blame,bitterness,resentment and passive aggressiveness.
Your anger is not "unspiritual"
It is beauty. It is power. It is life.
I want to feel the Real You" 
Jeff Foster
FRIDAY 16 APRIL (19/22 cet) Sex and Emotion - Body Intelligence - Clearing the energy field - Connecting with the Base as your center of safety -
SUNDAY 25 APRIL (18/21 cet ) The Yoni as a temple - The memory - Clearing the lineage - Connecting with the Source of Life -
FRIDAY 7 MAY (19/22 cet)  Sacred Love Making - Pleasure and Trauma - Pleasure as a portal to heal trauma -
SUNDAY 16 MAY (19/22 cet) The Portals of the Womb - The 7 Orgasms for women - Connect with your womb as a portal for creation -
FRIDAY 21 MAY (18/21 cet) Sex and Heart - The energy of the flame and the rose - The inner marriage - Opening to your Erotic Devotion -
In love and devotion 
Looking forward to meet you soon ! 


Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website