6-day Heart Awakening Transformative Retreat in Costa Rica

Monday, 16 Nov 2020 - Saturday, 21 Nov 2020

Rayos Del Sol, Route 160, Nosara, Costa Rica, 50306

$1130 - $1695

Transformation & Growth


You are alive! 

You are a life force manifestation! 


Claim back the power to be loved and share your majesty in the world. 


Inner work: to release, to shake, to heal your emotional body. Come back home to your natural state of ease. 

Shadow work: to see, to honor, to become aware of your hidden shadow. Bring home your projected fear and see reality for what it is 

Inner child / inner masculine / inner feminine. Embody fully the beautiful potent quality of those three inner archetypes. Allow  your being to vibrate in wholeness. 

The heart of relating. Love/sex/intimacy. Get clear and confident to express your desires for pleasure, your boundaries, your longing for love. Breakthrough with shame, distortion, fear, illusion relating with sexuality. 

Awakening the HEART 


There is only a wild heart pulsating down at the core of Mother Earth, immense love and light his gift. 


Embrace it. 


Stop with the drama. 

Break the chains of past-conditioning and trauma. 

Free from attachment and story. 

Reveal your Heart❤️



- Lodging in single, double or shared accommodations

- Daily meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) prepared by private chef

- 1 R/T airport shuttle

- 1 group local round trip to beach or activities



  • In the jungle 
  • Nourished and loved by Gaia. 
  • Supported by a wonderful retreat center. 
  • Heartfelt food and water
  • Wild beauty 
  • Pristine ocean
  • Precious silence 


Are YOU the one you have been waiting for?


Join our transformative retreat now!


Wildheart 2020



I'm a creative soul, a free spirit, a mother and a passionate human being. I'm an alchemist, born to transform, heal and shape a new paradigm of reality that is anchored in consciousness and truth. I'm here to raise group consciousness for the heart of the planet.

I have devoted my life to Self-awakening.

I'm a human being who created myself by transforming my pain into power, and adversity into strength.

I'm a spiritual alchemist who understands the value of facing shadows and transmuting them into light.

I journeyed down to the core of the devil and dark matter to illuminate the unseen realms, and to support the awakening of the soul to manifest love and healing.

I incarnate the spirit of a warrior, an ancient priestess, a joyful child, and a wild feminine fire goddess.

My wisdom comes from scratch, from true experience, and from my resilient nature.

I'm a free spirit committed to honoring the gift of life, and to supporting people to awaken and vibrate in happiness.

With a background in professional dance, craniosacral therapy and shamanic healing, Federica brings to her retreats a wealth of background information in the mechanics of alignment, dynamic movement, energy flow and effective healing techniques.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, certified biodynamic craniosacral therapist, shamanic healer, massage therapist, and certified Gestalt counselor. I have been practicing and studying Mysore Ashtanga, Iyengar and other forms of yoga since 2002. I began practicing vipassana meditation in 2004, and use it as a very important tool to help others gain mindfulness.

The beauty in my approach is rooted in the variety and knowledge that I have gained through my self-development journey. I have studied conscious movement, 5 rhythms dance, dance therapy and bioenergetics. With all my experience, I have developed my own approach to body-mind-heart medicine, and body soul movement. And, recently, I began to study and incorporate sacred sexuality and tantra into some of my work, especially with women. I have been working with women on self-development and successful transition through different life phases since 2009. 



This group retreat property is located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, in between the towns of San Juanillo and Ostional, just 12 km north of Nosara. The grounds sit on top of a hill overlooking the ocean, a short 10-minute walk to a beautiful and unpopulated black sand beach. Our 25-acre property features accommodations in spacious villas, an open-air dining area with lounge, pool, yoga & movement shala, outdoor gym, two fire pits, and a jungle obstacle course. We are equipped with a fiber optic Internet cable allowing for high speed WiFi with 40mbps upload and download speeds.


----- MEALS –

Daily meals prepared by a private chef (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

• Meals are served family-style

• Ingredients are always fresh, locally-sourced, organic whenever possible, and often homemade

• Individual dietary restrictions can usually be accommodated with advance notice (please inquire)

• Breakfast includes hot tea, drip coffee, and either fresh fruit juice or smoothies depending on the day’s meal

• Desserts on arrival night, mid-week and on final night are included

• Any additional desserts, smoothies, beverages or snacks are NOT included.

PLEASE NOTE: We do not have a bartender on staff, however beer, ice and bottles of wine will be available on-site for purchase. Guests are permitted to bring their own hard liquor if desired. We do not offer soda on property, however other mixers (including fresh fruit juices, lime and simple syrup will be available)


• 1 group round-trip airport shuttle on trip start and end dates – pick up and drop off from Liberia airport (guests must arrive in time for scheduled shuttle times)

1 group transport to activities (zip lining, horseback riding etc.) or for a trip to town for surfing or exploring

• Activities & beaches are between 5-35 minutes away from the property

• Nearby recommended beaches are Ostional, a short walk down the hill, San Juanillo, a calm cove beach with white sand about a 10 minute drive away and Playa Guiones, a wide beach perfect for surfing about a 30 minute drive from the property



• 1600 sq ft covered yoga & movement shala, holding up to 80 mats

• 1000 sq ft outdoor gym area offers pull-up rig w/ squat racks & monkey bars

• 1 mile of jungle obstacle course with climbing walls, rope climbs, ladders & agility drills

• 1200 sq ft outdoor area for outdoor events, yoga, movement, or bodyweight workouts

• Two fire pits (one adjacent to the shala, the other adjacent to the events space)

• Equipment includes log “barbells” and “kettlebells” (a limited number of standard kettlebells also available), dumbbells, TRX suspension trainers, 4 parallettes, gymnastic rings, resistance bands, tractor tires, sandbags, yoga mats, blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters & meditation chairs

Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website