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The Art of Remembering: A JOURNEY FOR WOMEN to discover and reclaim what has been lost

Tuesday, 21 Apr 2020 - Tuesday, 28 Apr 2020

Luna nel Pozzo, Contrada Foragno S.N., Ostuni, 72017

765 - 995€

Empowering Women's Yoga Journey

We are offering a deep Journey, from matter to spirit, for women to recognize divine love and truth. And, to find release, opening and a way forward through (pre-)menstrual pain, menopausal, fertility or sexuality issues.

Supported by like-minded women, this JOURNEY will awaken your deep knowing and intuition to find and walk your path.

Within this process, you shift into a deep sense of TRUST and ALIGNMENT with your body, your womb, your calling, your past, your future, your lineage, and your pleasure - you will experience initiation into another phase of womanhood, including another way of entering pleasure and creating oxytocin (the pleasure hormone!)
This Journey will be a beautiful flow of many group experiences and practices, including: yoga, meditation, movement, voice work, concentration, massage, emotional release, sharing, talking, insight, womb relaxation, art, rituals, ceremonies, and coaching.





Points to keep in mind

  1. We love to keep the field open to co-create the journey with the participants. In the mornings and afternoons we will be playing together, but you will also have your own free time and space.
  2. We will work inside, and outside in nature to connect with the elements.
  3. The location is rural and ideal for the journey. However, there are no shops, restaurants, or any other businesses nearby. 
  4. The accommodations are comfortable but simple. Most of the bathrooms/showers are shared and may have an outside access. 
  5. Acceptance to join this journey is not automatic - even if you pay your deposit (always refundable). To ensure it is right for you at this time and place, we will send you a few questions that must be answered before final approval.
Program and Classes
we will gather for BODY MIND HEART MEDICINE with Federica. During this time we will use various tools for specific purposes in our journey from matter to spirit, including: yoga, meditation, movement, sharing, concentration, voice work, emotional release, sharing/talking, feelings, insight, and coaching.

In order to realise that duality is an illusion, we will investigate the path from matter to spirit. Within the matter, we learn to love our physical bodies. We embody our physical incarnation through free and guided movement. We move, then move more. Repeat and breathe.

Our purpose is to peel off the layers of resistance and tension we hold within our bodies. In turn, this releases the sacred scream - the voice of truth that has been repressed for too long -buried deep within our chests.

We vibrate, shake, fall, fly, strip, roll... lose control. We lose control to meet chaos in its full sweet madness. Through working the body, we meet our raw emotions - our precious human condition.

Then we transition into the emotional body with some questions in mind: Who is leading the emotional rollercoaster? How do we live with and/or master the emotions? Who wins? Who am I? What lies underneath the waves of our inner ocean?

From our new state of awareness, we can now learn to recognise and own our emotions, such as: anger, grief, sadness, joy, frustation, etc.

We learn to find and surrender to the place within ourself that is not shaking.

We learn to be grounded in presence, we learn the art of being empty, the art of being silent.

And in this nothingness, through this journey of awakening, we connect with our spiritual body.

As our hearts break, we make space for divine love to emerge. And, as clarity emerges, we are ready to be vessels of divine Truth.

To bring a catalyst to the process, we work with some of the following archetyps:

⦁ The innocent girl who knows how to fall, and how to get up again, how to get dirty and have fun, the girl that laughs out loud, that tells the raw truth.

⦁ The holy priestess, the sorceress and divine feminine incarnation of light, the one that knows the secrets of magical alchemy and sexual awakening, the one that sees in the dark and walks alone in the fire.

⦁ The soft mother that holds everything in grace and abundance, the creative woman that manifests with ease and joy, the one that overflows with love and wellbeing, the one that attracts all like sweet honey and milk.

⦁ The wise old woman that has wisdom from the other side, that walks this world and yet also the other, the one that firmly stands in her lineage and guides younger women on their path. 
we will gather for a WOMEN'S CIRCLE to explore a deep connection to ourselves, other women and our cyclical nature.

Julie, life coach, menstrual and creative movement therapist, as well as Awakening Women Circle facilitator, will hold space for us to dive deep into exploring the feminine cycle through movement, art and rituals.

The sessions will start with a womb relaxation, then enter into a healing journey and we will complete with massage and sharing. In each circle, we'll experience initiation into another phase of womanhood, another way of entering pleasure and creating oxytocin (the pleasure hormone!), another phase of our cycle, of the moon, of the sun:

* Inner Girl: Finding Peace and safety for our little girls (maiden/follicular/pre-ovulation/spring/waxing moon phase)*

* Alchemical Woman: Fully embracing our sexuality and sensuality (priestess/luteal/pre-menstruation/autumn/waning moon phase) *

* Creative Woman: Healing our mother-daughter wounds (empress/ovulation/summer/full moon phase) *

* Lineage Woman: Taking our place in our ancestral lineage (wise woman/menstruation/winter/new moon phase) *

Whether you have a menstrual cycle or have passed menopause, these phases apply to the subtle energies that affect a woman and her creative potential throughout life. If you're experiencing (pre-)menstrual pain, menopausal, fertility or sexuality issues, you're likely to find release, opening and a way forward.

Women's circles are a beautiful safe and supportive space to share, practice listening with compassion, allow yourself to follow your heart and be held by a group of like-minded women.

When we drop our guard and allow our vulnerabilities to show, we experience how we all share the same basic needs and longings, masked by tensions, insecurities, and fears. This simple act of sharing creates an amazing connection and sense of freedom from our suffering.
Thank you to Lucio Bracco for most of the photos of me for this website