Yoga & Food Retreat I

Friday, 15 Nov 2019 - Wednesday, 20 Nov 2019

Masseria Moroseta, Contrada Lamacavallo, s/n, 72017 Ostuni BR, Ostuni, Puglia, Italy

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We adhere to the classic principles of the Hatha Yoga tradition, while enriching our practice with the magic of other yoga methods and philosophy.
Dynamic sequence of hatha vinyasa flow focused on:

1. Alignment, movement and synchronized breathing
2. Strength and Grace
3. Opening and flexibility
4. Steadiness and effortlessness

Pranayama – The science of breathing will be our fundamental tool to calm the mind and to awaken our energy force, or Prana.
Chanting and Meditation Devotion and Stillness will be our friends to discover our inner source of faith, compassion and gratitude.


Emanuela Caorsi is a Holistic Nutritionist who believes in the magical power of food. After she experienced it herself, she decided to quit her previous job as Structural Engineer to study Natural Nutrition at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Today, she helps hundreds of people feeling their best through her practice and she shares her knowledge about Natural Nutrition and Plant-Based Cooking during her Workshops.
She doesn’t like tags because she believes in everyone’s uniqueness: what is good for a person is not necessary good for another one and what is good for you today might not be good for you tomorrow. This is her motto. To better support each of her clients she studied (and tested on herself!) different types of diet and nutrition approach (vegan, paleo, raw, ayurvedic, macrobiotic, ketogenic) and her cooking reflects all of this knowledge.
Emanuela does not believes in calories and grams and she loves helping people change their approach to food for good.
Emanuela attended Matthew Kenney’s PlantLab Culinary where she became a Raw Chef and, since she deeply believe in the Holistic link between body, mind and spirit, she is also a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher.


First of all we want you to enjoy the delicious local food and we will do so by “blending
” together traditions from Puglia and different Cooking styles, like:
Grain Free Cooking
Ayurvedic Cooking
Raw Vegan Cooking
Macrobiotic Cooking


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