About My Retreats

There is not place you can retreat from yourself but there is a place where you can meet yourself fully.

I care about my retreats so much, and I do my best to provide a safe container for people to experience what they have been searching for. It's a time when you can come together in a supportive group and use it as a catalyst to go deep quickly and find the means to fully express yourself.


To ensure a healing and sacred space and experience, myself and everyone in the retreat will make the following commitments:

  • Truth and honesty 
  • Respect individuality 
  • Respect difference 
  • Set and respect each others' boundaries 
  • Space of non judgment 
  • Space for inner understanding and raise awareness
  • Clear Communication 
  • Empathy and support
  • Freedom to express 
  • Allow each process to unfold 
  • Take responsibility for your own journey 
  • Take action
  • Ask for consent 
  • Ask for help


I have been hosting retreats since 2004. While every retreat is a magic dive into the unknown, each one is always an amazing and nourishing experience. Together, we witness so much transformation. It's marvelous to me. I have seen retreat participants:

✨ Journey from being a victim to feeling fully empowered
✨ Reveal their essence and beauty 
✨ Pass through very heavy emotional burdens, anger, sadness, and grief to find awareness and fulfillment

💫 Arrive disconnected from their own bodies and leave with an intimate connection with their sensations and themselves. 
💫 Finally realize that they have a fuc*** amazing body to listen to, honor, and love. 
💫 Come back into the peace of the present moment after a life absorbed by a chaotic mind that is either completely projected in the future or stuck in the past. 

💫 Regain the emotional intelligence to walk into a more complete life 


❤️ I love the mystery of how retreat participants bond to create such a beautiful connection in just one week.

❤️❤️❤️ As deep as the work, as beautiful and profound as the human connection, as truth in the healing and the transformation.


Retreat categories and components

  1. Hatha Flow Yoga: Yoga
  2. Yoga retreat for family: Yoga, child care and activities
  3. Yoga retreat for women: Yoga, Movement Medicine
  4. Women's Empowering journey:
  5. Intimacy, love & relationships for couples:
  6. Yoga & gestalt counseling:
  7. Yoga & authentic movement:


by Federica Clemente