Life moves. Change is constant - the nature of life is constant death and rebirth. We are in a flow of evolution. Life expression is not a flat, straight line. When we go against this inner, wise truth of Life, we hurt. When we are looking for security and stability outside, we hurt. Life will never be a safe place, unless we access the safe place within - unshaken and free from misery. Life is asking you to be brave and fully dive into the unknown - into the beauty of mystery. You are not here to repeat. You are here to create and shape your own reality. Transformation is the heart of your soul purpose. Transformation is to learn and evolve from what has been delivered to you through your family lineage, your ancestry, and your past. Transformation is about awareness, clarity, responsibility and making new choices!


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There is not place you can retreat from yourself but there is a place where you can meet yourself fully.

I care about my retreats so much, and I do my best to provide a safe container for people to experience what they have been searching for.

Maya Yoga is a harmonious journey of physical, mental and spiritual practices and techniques to help guide you to happiness and wellbeing. We adhere to the classic principles of the Hatha Yoga tradition, while enriching our practice with the magic of other yoga methods and philosophy.

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by Federica Clemente