Gestalt Therapy is an existential and experiential approach, focus on personal responsibility and an individual’s process, to promote authentic change.


The focus is on what is happening in the here-and-now, and to become aware of any old patterns, conditioning, or traumas from the past that are currently playing out.


This approach is based on the relationship between counselor and client in the present moment. The trust and the intimacy created is the ground for an authentic self transformation.


Gestalt therapy is a very effective. It provides creative, profound tools to become gently aware of your current thoughts, emotions, and behaviours without judgment. This awareness is the pathway to change - it leads to acceptance and openness to try something new.


My approach is deeply somatic, starting from what is present and felt in the body. You won't talk about your feelings, instead you pass through what you feel to shift from a mind set understanding to an integrated embodied awareness.

It's fully Empowering to access your inner ability to heal.


Anything that is brought into the light consciously has the potential to be transformed.


In gestalt, we are looking at the inner human capacity to be creative and resilient toward life. 


by Federica Clemente