I carry in my heart the vision of a humanity awaken and liberated from suffering. I stand and trust the inner infinite source of self-healing in each of us and in the core of our planet. I hold space for the unfolding of your own truth and the manifestation of your unique power and soul purpose. We create together a safe, secret space where we can rise - despite all false sense of separation - to honor the gift of being alive.

The work is about recognizing and reclaiming what has been lost for you in order to live a fulfilling life.

The work is about taking full responsibility of your experience. When you choose, through deep awareness, to step out of the illusion, conditioning, and heritage of your story, your journey toward inner freedom begins.

Your life will be a higher manifestation of your creative force, from a place of wholeness where matter and spirit, masculine and feminine, body and mind, darkness and light are integrated.


Let's vision together!

In Love,



by Federica Clemente