Image by Mabel Amber

Body work is based on authentic movement research, somatic gestalt, bioenergetic, body-mind connection, and somatic breath work.

One of my principal passions is body work because it is one of the most powerful tools for healing. We are our bodies. We experience life through matter, and in the body the majority of all information is stored. It's the source of our memories, past experience, trauma, etc., including our conditioning. As much as the mind is shaping the body, the body is also shaping your mind. You became this body because of your story. But, the body has its own intelligence that can reveal a crystal clear gateway for you. 

My suggestion is always to start with what you feel into your body. And, if you don't feel anything, great let's start feeling! You would be amazed by how many times we are looking for answers so far away, but actually there are already here.

One of my most potent skills - a gift really - is the ability to read the body. Observing someone's body touches my heart directly, and I feel the person. It's where I meet and start the work.

by Federica Clemente