Journey with me

into the Magic Mystery

of your Magnificent Being.


Federica Clemente

I’m a creative soul, free spirit, mother and passionate human being. I’m here to raise group consciousness for the heart of the planet.


A few Upcoming Events – Retreats / Workshops / Online Events

Wild Heart Women’s Yoga Retreat on Crete

Wild Heart Women’s Yoga Retreat on Crete

30 June – 7 July 2022
Sfakia, Crete (Greece)
€600 – €950
On this retreat, we gather as women to get liberated through our cyclical nature. To meet our wild heart through an intimate journey into our essence. We gather as women to travel through the cycles of the sun, the moon, our lifetime, our womb.

Yoga Retreat in Morocco

Yoga Retreat in Morocco

10 – 17 September 2022
Cost from £825
Set within a magical desert landscape, this yoga retreat is a special treat. On a day trip to Marrakesh’s old city see busy market stalls with local crafts, satins, silks, glittery shoes, leather wares, paintings, spices and food.


Retreat to Transform

Life moves. Change is constant – the nature of life is a impermanent current of death and rebirth. We are in a flow of evolution. Life expression is not a flat, straight line. When we go against this inner, wise truth of Life, we hurt. When we are looking for security and stability outside, we hurt. Life will never be a safe place, unless…


Creativity. Joy

There is no place where you can retreat from yourself, but there is a inner space where you can hold fully your whole being. Retreat is a gift of time, space, and depth. It’s a sacred container for the journey inward to peel off the layers of separation, resistance, attachments and conditioning to rise naked into your essence, innocence, and grace. This retreat will resonate where you are. Nourishing you in any way possible.

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Human Connection

The beauty of mirroring each other in our strength and in our vulnerability. The beauty of being seen, heard, held and honored. What is most dear to me is the authentic true human connection where the most healing journey can take form. We need each other. You are loved.


“Amazing location. The most amazing teacher Federica Clemente. Federica gave so much. She really is a very special teacher. Loved every minute of this retreat. I can’t recommend it highly enough. This is the second one we have done – me, my sister & my mum. It’s the perfect holiday.”

~Emma Massingham

“I select this particular retreat because it was more than yoga, it was dedicated for women and there were very positive feedback about the teacher – Federica… she is amazing woman, alive, present, beautiful, passionate, kind and strict, wise and with touch of humour.”


“I spent the most amazing week in Puglia at Federica’s retreat over New Year 2019. What a beautiful way to leave behind what doesn’t serve as we stepped mindfully into 2019…

I loved that as the week went on and we Explored what really matters for us, the bond of sisterhood deepened, the yoga became more mindful and the dance more intense … all of this in Federica’s care.”


“The week with Federica exceeded all my expectations. Being a therapist and coach myself, I can say that’s not an easy thing to do. Federica has a magic combination of intuition, passion for her work, deep love for people and lots of wisdom and competence.”

~Els Demesmaeker

“Federica is a mystic and a medicine woman who masters many healing modalities. She deeply values Mother Nature and the realm of intuition. She is committed to authenticity and integrity. It is outstanding how much of her soul she pours into the work she offers others. Her retreat in Puglia was a significant turning point in my emotional life, which allowed me to start embracing a more open version of myself.”


“Thank you to all my teachers, students and clients that trust my work and have supported me to get all the way here. Thank you to all my sisters and brothers for walking this amazing path of growth with me.”

In gratitude, Federica

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